Top 10 Tips for New SEU Students

In the first Monday night chapel at Southeastern new students listened as Greg listed the top 10 things students should not do, such as not hide in the trunk when returning to campus past curfew. While Greg’s list delivered some great advice, here are some more tips for Southeastern freshman and transfers:

  1. Set aside some quiet time in your schedule. Conversation takes place in the class room among your peers and professors, but it should also take place with you and God. Our lives are filled with noise and business and it is important to not lose sight of the value of silence. These are critical years in a person’s life; therefore, it is important to give yourself the opportunity to have God speak to you through His word and by His Spirit.
  2. Find a church to be involved in. This will help you to grow spiritually and will bring you into accountability with a body of believers. Most importantly of all committing to one church will challenge you to live out your faith in a very practical way–by serving.
  3. “When you meet people for the first time and they say their names, repeat them back. Then use their names in greeting the next time you see them, and if you’ve forgotten them, ask. Remembering and using someone’s name makes him or her feel memorable and, as a result, more open to meeting up with you again.” (Taken from Kristen Lemaster’s post on Fastweb titled “13 Ways to Not Be Awkward in College.” There are definitely some other tips worth looking at in her post.)
  4. When you hear or read “free food” on a Sunday night, don’t hesitate. There are several groups in Lakeland that do Bible studies and give out a free dinner for Southeastern Students. These groups will help you prevent blowing all your Fire funds in the first half of the semester. One group is The Hub. The Hub meets at the Dream Center of Lakeland, and they pick up between Esperanza and Aventura at 5pm. Send a message to The Dream Center on Facebook to confirm a ride.
  5. Get involved in a club, intramural team, or the Department of Spiritual Formation (DSF). Being involved will help you to befriend others and grow closer to people. It will also help you to grow your leadership skills.
  6. Verbally participate in class. Your classes go by quicker and are more interesting by participating in discussions.
  7. Seek help from your professors when you need it. Your professors are here to help you. If you don’t understand instructions for an assignment or a specific topic, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Be aware of office hours listed on the class syllabus. (Idea taken from Taylor Flumerfelt.)
  8. Consider all your options for buying books before you go to the SEU bookstore. Search the Steelman Library online database to see if the book is available in the library. Buying used on sites likeAmazon will save you lots of money.
  9. Study/work for at least 2 hours a day, and designate one day a week to be yourSabbath day. If you have 12 or more credits, you are considered a full-time student. Full-time jobs are considered to be jobs in which someone works at least 40 hours. If you take 15 credits and do 2 hours of work a day with one day a week off, that totals to 27 hours, which should be sufficient for getting assignments and reading done on time. Doing so will help you to stay on task and earn better grades. Earning better grades will increase your chances at receiving more financial aid and receiving a good job upon graduation. Setting aside a sabbath day should be for relaxing and giving more time to God. In doing so you will feel refreshed and God will honor you  for your faithfulness to His commandment.
  10. Find someone to keep you accountable. It can be a professor, RA, RD, friend,or pastor. It is important to have someone you can be open and honest with about what is going on in your life. It should be someone who’s spiritual life intimidates you and who will challenge you to stay disciplined. At the same time, it should be someone who will not judge you, will show you grace, and will show you love. As you seek God’s call on your life, Satan will tempt you and try to pull you away from it. This is why it is so important to have someone who will be there to help you stay on track.

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