Communicate Better

Being an affective communicator is key to a PR practitioner, just as communication is a key stage in any PR campaign. In order to become a better communicator, it is important to practice.

So how should you practice?

  • Be an active communicator online. Read blogs and be aware of what is going on over social media. Be sure to comment on things and look to comment back in order to maintain a conversation.
  • Always have something to offer people. Be insightful and helpful.
  • Be aware of what is going on in other industries.
  • Have conversations with web experts to gain a better understanding of search engine optimization  (SEO). SEO strategies can be used to improve the visibility of content you produce for the web.
  • Take advantage of classes or seminars offered. Search online for any that may be happening in your area. Also, podcasts are a good alternative.
  • Be a teacher–share your knowledge and experience. “In PR groups, speakers on the topics of social media, measurement, crisis communications, media relations and brand strategy are highly sought after” (Raschanda Hall). Doing so gives you the chance to practice your presentation skills and review the things that you have learned.
  • Get to know some bloggers and learn from them.
  • Make an effort to listen more closely (see previous post “Lousy Listeners“).
  • Make sure your messaging is mobile friendly. This is very important to consider when you go about the communication stage of a PR campaign. Mobile marketing is the new way, and it is important to be on top of it. Download news apps and visit the mobile rendered pages of your favorite brands to see how they get the job done.

(Adapted from “10 ways to sharpen your communication skills“)


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