Love and Trash

What do two used condoms, unwound rolls of VHS tape, and an endless amount of black and mild wrappers have in common? They were all items found on the streets of the blocks surrounding the Dream Center of Lakeland. To a white guy like me, who has lived in suburbia his whole life, these items are not the ordinary curbside┬ádebris. For the people in those neighborhoods, it’s just a part of the landscape; nevertheless, cleaning the streets doesn’t go unnoticed. As Pastor Mike put it, when the people in the area see a group of four or five white people they know they’re from the Dream Center. The Dream Center has sent people out time and time again to show that race, age, and financial well-being are all level at the ground of the cross. Serving others isn’t about pity; it’s about showing others that they are worth some of your time because they are deeply loved by God their creator.

Yesterday was a day for actions to speak. For me, it was a start to something good. For the Dream Center, it was the continuing of showing Christ’s love and bridging the gap from a person living life in whatever way they desire to a person living life in the way God desires. The service of a willing follower of Christ has the potential to produce discipleship in the life of a person they come in contact with. I pray that that is took place today when some 30 or so Southeastern Students and Dream Center volunteers went out in the mind of Christ to serve a few needs of the community.

Next Steps:

  • I will have to recruit, but more importantly pray for, a consistent team.
  • I will be more conversational with people that I encounter.