Once Upon a Tweet: An Introduction to Storify

With so many social media sites out there now, we are beginning to see ways in which they are being brought together. At first, it came with such capabilities as connecting your tweets to your facebook statuses if you so desired. Now there are sites like Storify, which enables you to create stories by using content from social media. You can take tweets, photos, and videos from an array of social media sites and bundle/organize them however you want to in order to tell a story. You are also given the option of adding text to tell a story. With tweets, statuses, photos, and other elements constantly being updated, Storify gives you the ability to not loose ones that really matter to you and ones that you want to share in the form of a story with others.

Storify is easy to use because you can just drag and drop elements. In just one click, you can notify all the sources in the story. Anyone who reads your story can choose to retweet something in it or respond to any of the sources on their own. Storify is also easily added to any site by embedding it. Even better, Storify works with your WordPress!

A great feature to Storify is the Google Chrome extension. This extension allows you to drag the “Storify This” option from the bottom of Storify to your book mark bar. This allows you to highlight anything and click the bookmarklet so that it is added to your story and cited. You can also choose to Storify the whole page.

Storify would be great to use for bringing all kinds of perspectives on an event or topic together. It is similar to tagging in this way, however different in that you are telling a story through all the perspectives and different bundling of elements.

Make sure to also check out the Storify blog for more helpful tips and up to date info.

For those of you who have 20 minutes to spare, I will leave you with this interesting interview with the creators of Storify. One of them has a heavy French accent that makes it all the more interesting. For those of you who just want to get started, forget the video and go for it!

The creators talked about some of the ways that they have seen people use spotify so far, such as during elections and for a wedding. What are some creative types of stories people could use storify for?